Debt reunification loans – Debt consolidation

We grant loans to reunify debts

We grant loans to reunify debts

If you want to apply for a loan to pay off debts in the financial market, you have various types of loans with which to do so. Both banks and private financial companies offer different solutions to bring together everything yo- u owe in a single loan.

In Loansolution we have specialized personnel to carry out these procedures on a daily basis, who will look for the best solution for your specific case. Consulting with an expert is completely free. You will not have to pay anything for information, and we anticipate that a new loan to pay off all your debts in a single monthly payment will mean a radical change in your financial situation.

Example of the loan

Example of the loan

If between the mortgage on your house, the car loan, a consumer microcredit and your cards you pay about 1363 dollars each month, with the new loan you will only pay about 408 dollars. As you can see, we are talking about only a third of what you now have to pay every month, or what is the same, a savings of approximately 70%.

We are experts in reuniting debts through new loans exclusively for it. The best way to carry it out is through someone who knows the market and can manage the best conditions for you, without you having to ask around.

Steps for application

Contact us without obligation we will inform you, we are here to help you and make it easier for you, the reunification process is divided into these 3 steps.

  • We study your file, Free.
  • We offer the best options
  • Receive the money in the account after signing, at the bank.

What kind of loans are there to reunify debts?

What kind of loans are there to reunify debts?

Currently you have two main ways to reunify your debts. If it is not a very high amount, generated by a small loan, some microcredit and cards, you will be able to solve it with a personal loan, with your payroll and without having to mortgage anything. The system consists of requesting one that covers everything you owe, paying those debts and keeping only the new loan, the amount of which will be less than the total you pay now, although it will not be as high a difference as if it were a mortgage loan..  

You also have the option to ask for a mortgage. For this, you must have a property to mortgage or you should have little to pay on the mortgage on your house, in this case it would be a loan with a mortgage guarantee. This solution is for larger debts, which usually include the remaining part of the mortgage on the house, a loan such as a car, a microcredit and cards. In these cases, as we said before, you pay up to only a third of what you pay now, with the new installment. The reason is that you put all the debts together in a much longer repayment period.

Simulate a loan to reunify debts

Loan amount $ 3,000 $ 50,000 Interest 0% 12% Years 1 year 15 years TIN: 10.90% APR: 11.46%
Total amount due: Interests: Monthly payment: 

Do not wait any longer and consult your case with a Loan Solution expert, who will find the best option for you to stop being financially drowned. We work with most banks and we can reunify debts in banks without changing entities.

How and in what situation can the loans be reunited?

How and in what situation can the loans be reunited?

In LoanSolution you will find the best financial advice on the market. You will be able to access any type of debt reunification loan. What banks do not offer you, private financial companies can give you;   based on your situation and your needs. 90% of the clients who go to LoanSolution achieve their objective, and with interest from 3%.

To reunify your debts, whatever your situation, you have various kinds of loans, such as a personal loan, without a mortgage. You can also do it with a mortgage.  

If you have multiple debts, and together they add up to little money, you can reunify all those microcredits. Furthermore, it is possible to reunify debts with ASNEF; and also, having multiple open loans, without housing. A financial expert, such as those of LoanSolution, is who can best help you in debt cancellation.    

Do not think about it anymore, return to recover your tranquility.


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